About ArtsBridge



The ArtsBridge Philosophy:

Respond to the individual needs of each site. Classroom teachers work side by side with the ArtsBridge scholars and are actively involved in the planning and implementation of the project.

Support undergraduate and graduate students by providing scholarships, in return for their offering instruction in K-12 classrooms.

Integrate the arts into the school day by “bridging” projects to other subjects in the curriculum.

Emphasize arts integration through hands-on instruction. The primary goal is to involve K-12 pupils directly in the acquisition of arts knowledge and skills, while creating art as an integrated part of the curriculum.

Contribute to the professional development of teachers. As ArtsBridge scholars involve their teachers in the art and document their lesson plans, teachers can continue to link art projects to their curriculum after the initial project has ended.

Involve the community in which it works. Providing better arts education access in public schools will build a lasting positive legacy in the community.

Document the progress by completing weekly reflections reports along with teacher and scholar evaluations, as means of assessment.

Focus efforts on outreach to the underserved populations in the schools. Expose children to higher education and build an appreciation for the arts. Provide pre-service training for artists interested in becoming educators.

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