ArtsBridge is seeking host schools!

ArtsBridge seeks host schools with K-12 teachers interested in giving their students hands-on experience with the arts. ArtsBridge sends outstanding University of Utah scholars to conduct visual and performing arts workshops or develop projects in Salt Lake Valley public schools. ArtsBridge is a non-profit organization that charges nothing for the service of its scholars. We prioritize schools that have the highest need, and fewest resources for additional programming.

If you are a K-12 teacher and want the arts to come alive in your classroom, then we invite you to apply to ArtsBridge by submitting a HostSchool_application

What host schools achieve with ArtsBridge:

The arts provide an unparalleled opportunity for children to develop skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. The arts also teach self-discipline and concentration. All of these skills are critical to our children’s futures both in their careers and in their need for personal fulfillment. ArtsBridge is a wonderful way to provide this opportunity for our youth. ArtsBridge scholars collaborate with teachers to develop and carry out art lessons for the students. These lessons give students in public schools hands-on experience with the arts that otherwise they might not have.

Professional development for teachers can be another advantage to hosting ArtsBridge in your school, as classroom teachers observe, participate in, and master the techniques of integrating an arts project into their regular teaching.

What We Look For:

ArtsBridge unites the resources of the community and its university to respond to specific classrooms’ needs. The mission of ArtsBridge is to help restore the scarcity of arts in education for our youth. The two most important things we look for when selecting a host school are:

Need: Generally, ArtsBridge focuses its efforts on low performing schools or schools that have very little arts instruction and little opportunity for parent support.

Support: ArtsBridge wants to aid schools that demonstrate a high commitment to the arts. Schools that place a strong emphasis on the arts despite limited budgets will find support from ArtsBridge.

How to Apply:

To request an ArtsBridge Scholar for the next semester, please submit an application form. Please note that not every request can be filled. Decisions are based on availability of funding and Scholars.